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Why Your Home WiFi Network Is the Foundation For Your Home Technology

Posted by Wicked Smart Homes on Jul 24, 2017 11:33:22 AM

Smart Home WiFiOver the last few years the average home has seen a dramatic increase in the number of connected devices. Products such as smartphones, laptops, televisions, electronic door locks, home automation hubs, thermostats, along with streaming services like Apple TV and Sonos, have become the norm, and continue to grow in popularity. While these devices add convenience and comfort to your home, they also create tremendous demands on your home network. Today’s modern smart home requires a solid and reliable networking infrastructure to allow your connected devices to function to their full potential. 

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The days of having a single home WiFi router provide reliable coverage and service for the entire home are over. There are just too many connected devices within the home to expect a DIY product to provide the speed, reliability, scalability, and security we now demand. Problems such as buffering in video streams, latency in music streams, and wireless signals that don’t reach their intended destinations result from a poorly designed network. Thankfully, there are solutions. Wicked Smart Homes will strategically design your home network using the latest technology to determine the best location for your home WiFi equipment. We believe in hard wiring all devices that can be physically connected to the network. We will strategically place multiple hard wired Wireless Access Points throughout your home to provide seamless coverage. This allows you to roam throughout your home and outdoor living spaces without signal loss!

At Wicked Smart Homes, our enterprise grade home network packages emphasize the following elements:

Speed & Reliability

High performance networking starts at the core. Our networks are designed specifically to handle high bandwidth, low latency multimedia traffic. From single processors to dual core designs capable of gigabit throughputs, our solutions represent the gold standard in high performance networking. Our home networking solutions eliminate lag, jitter, and buffering in streaming audio and video traffic, resulting in an uninterrupted media experience. We regularly provide VLAN’s within our home networks by isolating management, voice, audio/video, automation, data and guest. This ensures the highest level of speeds, connectivity, and reliability.

Whether you are streaming television shows on Netflix, surfing the internet, or listening to Pandora throughout your home, you’ll be able to enjoy your multimedia without any lagging or delays in audio, video, and internet.

Scalability & Security

Your home network needs to be ready not only for today’s technology, but also for what is coming down the road. You don’t want to be one step behind the latest smart home technology simply because your home network is not capable of supporting more devices. Our home networking solutions provide the latest standards and advances in technology to ensure that whenever you want to add new connected devices, your network won’t hold you back.

How secure is your home network? Many of our clients don’t realize how exposed their information and devices are until it is too late. Everything accessible through your home network, from financial documents to your laptop’s webcam, needs to be secured by firewalls that keep outside intruders from gaining access. The firewall should include a good antivirus program to keep out malware and other harmful computer viruses as well. Our network packages incorporate the latest in security encryption standards for truly secure wireless networking, including WPA, WPA2, WPA Enterprise and WPA2 Enterprise. Your network will stay safe with our multi-layered security approach.

Remote Network Management

At Wicked Smart Homes, our home networking solutions feature sophisticated remote network management tools to ensure the health and status of your network. Our dedicated service department will receive notifications when your network requires attention, thus allowing us to react before you even know there is an issue. We are able to provide next level customer service by utilizing automatic network mapping with direct access to all connected devices - ensuring complete remote monitoring, management, and maintenance.

Our carefully integrated system of network switches, routers, wireless access points, power management and software technologies, are designed specifically to work with each other to deliver seamless, scalable, and reliable multimedia networking performance.

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