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Smart Home Automation for Your Seasonal Home in Sarasota, Florida

Posted by Wicked Smart Homes on Apr 6, 2017 3:26:16 PM

Smart Home Automation for Your Seasonal Home in Sarasota FloridaThanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) the intuitive home of science fiction is now a reality. Indoors and out, smart home technology can adjust the thermostat and blinds, provide security, and keep you and your guests entertained. When home automation enters the mix, controlling key aspects of your home is as simple as using an app on your smartphone.

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The Lived-In Look

Home automation can make your second home look like someone is home, even when you are out for a day at the beach or traveling for a more extended period of time. Using the app on your smartphone, you can manually turn on lights, activate blinds, or lock doors. This gives you the ability to alternate when various features are being used without being in the vicinity, which can keep suspicious characters from knowing when your property is occupied.

Energy Savings and Monitoring

For a seasonal home, keeping the energy usage at a minimum is important. When you have automated control over everything from the water heater to the irrigation system, you can maintain a lived-in look without wasting excess energy in the process. You can even tune into your security system to take a quick look around and verify that everything is working smoothly.

Comfort and Convenience

With smart home automation, you have total control over when the lights are on, and when the HVAC system is working. You can run the systems long enough to keep the home within a range of temperatures without leaving the unit to run around the clock, 7 days a week. And when you are headed into town, a touch of a few buttons will bring your home back to life so that it is comfortable and inviting the moment you arrive.

Improved Security

The ability to control when the lights are on or music is playing is a tremendous benefit for a seasonal home. Giving the illusion that someone is home is a great idea, and having the ability to alter the sequence or features means no one is ever really sure whether someone is home or not. Coupled with state of the art security devices such as cameras and motion detectors, keeping your vacation home safe takes on a new dimension of personal involvement.

Personalized Home Automation

Experience satisfaction on a more personal level with customized home automation products. Let your stereo know when to play your favorite songs, create playlists for everyone in the family, or DJ your next gathering from anywhere on the property. Everything from the temperature of your hot water to the amount of lighting in different rooms, automated controls make life in your luxurious home easier and more comfortable.

In Southwest Florida, Wicked Smart Homes is your source for total home automation. We can help you design the automated home of your dreams, then provide you with top-rated installation and support to keep your home operating smoothly regardless of where you happen to be. We feature products from award-winning manufacturers like Crestron and Lutron because only the best products will do. To learn more about bringing your home to life, contact us today.

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