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Smart Audio and Video Solutions to Transform your Luxury Home

Posted by Wicked Smart Homes on Jan 18, 2017 12:00:00 PM

SmartAudioandVideoSolutions.jpegThere's a certain continuity to your luxury home. As you move indoors and relax outside, you feel connected. Your design themes tie your rooms and whole home together visually. It's the same when your house is transformed using smart home technology. Smart home automation and whole-home entertainment systems bring together your home's entire environment to create that perfect feeling or mood.


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Here is what you can expect when you integrate your home with smart audio and video features:

Great Features Separately, Wonderful When Integrated

From climate control and audio distribution to a stunning home theater and sophisticated remote monitoring, an integrated system puts the ability to design your home the way you like it in the palm of your hand. You've probably heard of revolutionary technologies like Lutron lighting control and motorized shades that help create a perfect balance of light and energy management. Companies like Crestron and Savant provide intuitive and simple to use methods to manage these technologies, but what brings it all together is an experienced, talented smart home integration company.

Create a High End Atmosphere

As the systems are integrated with each other using home automation, they are also integrated with the design of your luxury home. Before, switches simply turned lights on or off. Now, you can set the mood for morning, afternoon or evening with customized light settings. Lights, shades, sound, and visual features are adjusted together as you like. Invisible speakers from Triad form part of the wall, resonating like a string instrument as they project beautiful sound into a room. Distributed audio using a professionally installed Sonos system flows to every room where you'd like it, providing a variety of music options for everyone.

High Quality Visual and Audio

Home theater and amazing audio go great together! Combine Paradigm or Klipsch speakers with your Sony 4K television or projector for an immersive escape into concerts, fantasy, adventure, and romance. Integrate television and sound throughout your home and outdoor living areas so people in the kitchen, on the lanai, or throughout the house can experience your media event with you.

Monitor Visitors

Your video displays, mobile phones, and touch panels can also carry images from a Visualint security and monitoring system. Visualint intelligent video analytics are capable of performing simultaneous security and surveillance applications such as intrusion detection, loitering, camera tamper, as well as a wide range of people and vehicle counting functions. When you are away, monitor your home's status or provide access to visitors when needed. It's an ideal feature for owners who live in several homes during the year, even internationally.

Take Control from Anywhere

Handheld remote controls from Savant give one touch control of all your audio/video equipment, regardless of location. Your iPhone and iPad offer quick checks and adjustments of any system. A powerful smartphone app provides configuration, scheduling, programming and monitoring from your lounge chair or on the go.

Harmonized Integration

Experienced in bringing systems together in an unobtrusive, harmonious way, your smart home integration specialists in Sarasota, Florida will blend audio and video systems with your home, adding power and flexibility. You'll have smart technology without all the wires, remotes, modes, and devices. As part of your overall home automation and whole-home entertainment experience, you will find that your luxury home becomes more comfortable, welcoming, and even secure.

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