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Monitor and Control Your Sarasota Home Using A Single Home Automation App

Posted by Wicked Smart Homes on Mar 2, 2018 10:44:00 AM

SingleHomeAutomationApp.jpegLuxury living on the West Coast of Florida just got even better. If you are unfamiliar with smart home technology, now is the time to learn. The question is not what it can do, the question is what can’t it do? In terms of convenience, it simplifies managing your home life in every way. The ability to monitor and control all of your home's systems and security features through a smartphone provides convenience, peace of mind, and many other benefits. 

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Wireless Door Locks & Doorbell Cameras

There’s no need to carry bulky keys around or worry about security codes for property managers, house cleaners, and other staff. With a home automation app you can:

  • Lock and unlock your door
  • Create entry codes
  • See and speak with guests at your door

Always know who’s at the front door, even when you’re not home. You can also receive alerts whenever someone enters your home. Continuously monitor your home whether you’re there or away for added security and peace of mind.

Security Cameras

By installing security cameras controlled through your home automation app, you can now keep an eye on who is coming and going from your home or property remotely. You have the ability to:

  • Check who’s coming to the door before they ring the bell
  • Record clips of the events captured during the day or night

Our advanced surveillance cameras feature video analytics that can also be used for more proactive purposes when paired with a smart-home system. For example, users can create virtual “tripwires” to determine if people are coming or going, or if they are loitering too long in a certain area.  

Climate Control

Smart thermostats are ideally suited for today’s connected home. Manage your smart thermostats remotely and take advantage of savings while you are away. When you are home, maintain your ideal temperature without having to get up to adjust the thermostat.

Motorized Shades

Nothing enhances your homes décor, functionality, and energy efficiency quite like the use of motorized shades. Motorized shades provide many benefits for you and your home, including:

  • Enhanced privacy
  • Protection of your furniture and artwork from UV damage
  • Air conditioning conservation during the summer months
  • Room darkening for your residence for total privacy

They're also an untapped resource for decorating and personalizing your home.

Smart Lighting Control

No more worrying about lights being left on while you’re away. Smart lighting control gives you the ability to remotely control all of the lights in your home. This means that you can turn them off even when you’re away to save energy. With automated lighting at the touch of a button, you can also increase the safety of your home. You can have the lights come on at specific times during the day and night so the house looks lived in even when you’re gone. Seeing lights coming on at night helps deter intruders and keeps your home safe.

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Home Entertainment and Voice Control

The most commonly thought of features for smart home automation are home entertainment and voice control. These features allows you to:

  • Access your favorite music or television show at anytime, anywhere in the home
  • Seamlessly manage lighting, temperature, audio, and visual with the sound of your voice

When technology is combined with smart home automation your day to day life becomes seamless and effortless. Using a custom home automation app from Wicked Smart Homes creates an environment that responds to your needs, while getting to know you and making your life simpler.

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