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Improve The Lighting In Your Home With Lutron Lighting Control

Posted by Wicked Smart Homes on Feb 9, 2017 3:15:00 PM

Lighting.jpgLighting in your home is something that you don’t always notice when it’s done right, but when it’s done inadequately or the controls are inconvenient you notice it immediately. There are many ways that you can improve how the lights look and operate. With a Lutron lighting control system in your home, you do not just turn on the lights, you turn on your environment. Lutron systems provide ambiance, aesthetics, convenience, and enable you to see better in your home. Lutron even allows for lights to turn on automatically as you move through your home.

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Intelligent Lighting in a Smart Home

Lighting is key to creating an ideal environment both inside and outside your home. One of the most commonly overlooked additions to your new home or renovation is the lighting control system. With energy saving solutions and intelligent lighting you can now bring your home into a modern and more comfortable future. You can create custom lighting scenes for every room in your house to create a personalized feel that is tailored to suit each room and its function. When you add a lighting control system to your smart home you will now have complete control of your home from a smartphone, tablet, remote or touch panel. For example, if you are cooking in the kitchen and need better lighting, or if you are enjoying movie night and need more subdued lighting, simply grab your iPad for total control at the touch of a button.

Use Your Voice

Many of the options mentioned above can be controlled through voice commands. Whether it’s through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, voice control is convenient, fun, and increasingly more reliable. It’s also a super convenient way to operate your home’s lights when your hands are occupied–like cooking in the kitchen or working on your computer.

Custom Personalization

With a Lutron lighting control system you are able to monitor and manage your home’s lighting remotely, create scenes and schedules, automate them according to motion and time, and sync their operation with other devices—motorized window shades, thermostats, etc. Create your favorite scenes with “Pathway” to illuminate a specific path from the Master Bedroom to the Kitchen. Your “goodnight” button will allow you to shut off all the lights in your house from the comfort of your bed or wherever else you may be in the house. When you are not home you can adjust the lighting or simply check to be sure that the lights are off, giving you and your family added security.

Building a new home or updating your current one is the ideal time to add a lighting system from Lutron and transform your home into a smart home.  

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