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DIY (Do It Yourself) vs. DIFM (Do It For Me) Smart Home Automation

Posted by Wicked Smart Homes on Mar 16, 2017 10:35:47 AM

Do It Yourself vs Do It For Me Smart Home Automation.jpegThe home automation market has evolved rapidly over the past few years. Home automation consumers are presented with an ever growing list of available options. A proliferation of inexpensive DIY products have come to market designed to make smart home technology accessible to all. This has created its own set of challenges though. It's become increasingly difficult for consumers to differentiate between these DIY home automation products and the more expensive professionally installed solutions. There are a number of very important distinctions that anyone in the market should understand.

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Challenges of DIY Smart Home Products

When asked about difficulty of usage, most customers reported setting alerts, schedules and automation rules as the most difficult features of the system to use. Most are still using their systems for single-device control instead of whole home automation where devices work together seamlessly. When it comes to troubleshooting issues, customers must rely on phone or online customer service/technical support to diagnose and remedy issues. That experience can be frustrating and time consuming.

Better Understanding of Technology

Installation of a smart home automation system is similar to other home improvement projects. Regardless of how clear the instructions are, any unforeseen circumstances like poor network integrity or a weak wireless home network could jeopardize the whole process. Home automation professionals provide comprehensive system design that will identify and provide solutions for all potential issues.

Keep Up With Industry Trends

Technology changes fast, and it can be difficult to keep up with. Smart home professionals, always make sure that they are up to date with industry trends, when it comes to technology. They know what is relevant and how to future proof your system to avoid obsolescence.

Seamless Customization

Making sophisticated technology intuitive and simple to operate requires the talents of an experienced programmer. This is where professional programmers make all the difference. With thorough training and ongoing education, certified programmers have perfected the art of making your technology perform with unwavering reliability and simplicity. Many of the latest professionally installed home automation systems provide custom programming options for the buyer. You are no longer beholden to your integrator to make changes to your system.

Efficient Management

The installation and integration of smart devices in your home requires a high level of coordination and communication with other professionals, apart from the integrator. A professional integration company will make sure your contractor, interior designer, and electrician, work together seamlessly to complete your home automation system to your exact specifications.

Peace of Mind

System problems can happen, especially when there are several devices installed in your home. The good news is that a home automation professional can correct the problems, and ensure that other systems in your home run seamlessly. Professionals have a better understanding of how the system works, and fixing the problem can be fast and easy. Using sophisticated monitoring tools they can isolate and resolve issues quickly and effectively, many times before you are even aware anything is wrong. And the best part is, in most cases, they won’t have to send a service technician to your home to disrupt your day.

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