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CinemaFrame® - The World’s First Completely Concealed Home Entertainment System

Posted by Wicked Smart Homes on Oct 12, 2017 1:58:23 PM

From its heavy, wood-framed beginnings to the sleeker, lighter version that we know today, the evolution of the television has placed some of the world’s most advanced home technology into the fingertips of an increasingly tech savvy public.

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Those advancements, however, come with a great cost. Visually speaking, nothing quite ruins the beauty of a hard-earned entertainment system like the sight of those dangling black cords that stretch from your television, to your soundbar, to your cable box, and your online streaming devices. These setups not only clutter your space, but also pose a safety risk if you have rambunctious children (or pets) that are able to reach out and tug at the cords, not to mention the physical space required for all the components.

So What’s the Solution?

CinemaFrame – The world’s first completely concealed home entertainment system.

Designed with the home theater in mind, CinemaFrame is the all-in-one entertainment system you’ve been searching for. With its sleek but functional design, CinemaFrame houses everything, from your cable box to your online streaming device, to even housing your built-in audio/visual processors and amplification. Also included in its attractive design is a state-of-the-art, high-performance audio system that easily fills your room with a clean 1200 watt, 7.2 channel surround sound audio experience, adding an incredible aesthetic.

Fitting neatly in the wall behind your television, CinemaFrame’s customizable, fabric-based frame allows the consumer to choose from a wide variety of colors, guaranteeing that you’ll find a look that seamlessly blends into any room. There are hundreds of design questions that need to be asked and answered in a traditional surround sound setup. For a CinemaFrame, the only questions are the size of TV, the color of the fabric and the sources.

CinemaFrame understands that simplicity is paramount to the user experience. Whether it’s connecting new equipment or replacing all those remote controls with CinemaFrame’s easy to use, intuitive single remote control, you’ll never have to worry about which remote to grab, or where you’ll store that new 4K Apple TV.

Contact us today to set-up a demo and see first-hand why CinemaFrame is the entertainment system your room has been missing.

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